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23 July 2020
Parktown, Johannesburg

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The future of brands depends on the Future of Media. Why? Advertising spend is expected to *reach R41.5 billion in South Africa by 2022.

With such huge investments at stake, it’s imperative for brand and marketing managers, media planners, media buyers, and media owners to know exactly how the media landscape is evolving. Without the right intelligence, justifying the cost of brand-marketing strategies for the next 12 to 18 months will become a growing challenge.

The 6th Future of Media Conference will be the platform for expert knowledge sharing, and a view into the fast-paced changes happening in an increasingly fragmented South African media landscape.

Attracting international and local expertise, and a media and marketing audience, the Future of Media Conference is where future brand success will be guided.

*Research conducted by Statista


The Future of Media provides a unique networking opportunity to engage with the broader community of media buyers, media owners, brand managers, advertisers, copywriters and marketing managers – all whilst offering an engaging and exciting platform where knowledge and experience is shared by all who attend.


Patrick Hanlon is the Charles Darwin of branding. Conventional “Branding” has been broken, disrupted and evolved. By unveiling the construct of brands as belief systems that attract others who share your beliefs, Hanlon uncovered what Harvard sociologist E.O. Wilson describes as the “natural selection for social interaction”.


Recognized as the world’s leading brand evolutionary, Hanlon is ceo and founder of PRIMALBRANDING.CO (a part of THINKTOPIA®), a global brand and strategic innovation practice for billion dollar Brands and those who want to become billion dollar Brands.


Clients include Google, Shopify, American Express, PayPal, Mondelez, Levi’s, Johnson & Johnson, Yum! and the United Nations. Hanlon helps people, places and enterprise understand that brands are belief systems. Once you create a belief system, you attract others who share your beliefs. This becomes a social advocacy engine and is how to create social and IRL communities in the digital age.


His book Primal Branding: Create Zealots For Your Brand, Your Company And Your Future was published by Simon & Schuster/Free Press—and in 2006 anticipated creating social communities around brands, whether products and services, personality brands, political or civic movements, or actual civic communities.


Hanlon’s second book The Social Code: Designing Community In The Digital Age defines how to create communities via traditional, digital and social media: and how to attract advocates who become so passionate about your success, they are willing to create it themselves.


Hanlon also operates the global Primal.Live event platform, which brings together ‘Primals’ who follow the Primal Branding construct.




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