Anyone working in the media industry during the pandemic will understand the pressure of maintaining revenue streams when many brands went quiet and cut back media spend in 2020. Advertising revenue, which generally represents the bulk of income for publishers and media houses, was hardest hit.

Over the past 12 months of lockdown, the role of technology has advanced significantly. Though the media industry had already made huge strides towards digital transformation and taking their products online, monetisation remains a challenge.

It’s not only traditional media such as print that has been hit. The big tech mega-players are feeling the crunch too: Twitter recently reported a revenue loss of $1.14bn for 2020.

Media is in the business of producing content to attract eyeballs. What the industry is trying to achieve is finding creative ways of getting that content purchased and consumed in a digital space that generates sufficient revenue to invest in high-quality content production.

We have already seen innovation in digital revenue creation: paywalls going up on traditionally free-to-view platforms, where premium content is reserved for subscribers, and titles starting voluntary citizen support models. But is this enough? Are there other revenue models to consider for consumers who are increasingly digital, and glued to their devices?

Join the Future of Media digital conference series in partnership with Vodacom and EziAds on the evolution of digital revenue models, their implementation in SA, and what these innovations hold in store for the SA media industry.

Panellists in the discussion, moderated by Siya Sangweni include:

  • Riaan Wolmarans – head of digital: media, Arena Holdings
  • Styli Charalambous – publisher and CEO, Daily Maverick
  • Jorja Wilkins -marketing and marketing services executive, Primedia Outdoor
  • Vincent Peyrègne – CEO, The World Association of News Publishers

Date: March 17 2021
Time: 10am

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Partners of the Future of Media online conference series include VodacomEziAdsPrimedia OutdoorThe MediaShopTILTThe FM Redzone and The Media Online.