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March 2021 | Digital Conference Series


The SME Summit in partnership with Business Day Live is back and provides you – the SME owner and entrepreneur, with smart strategies and practical tools to take your business to the next level through our online experiences!


We are proud to announce that the 2021 Standard Bank SME Summit will move to an online experience, significantly increasing the reach and longevity of the campaign. Join leading business growth expert, Pavlo Phitidis, as he takes business owners on a fascinating journey of how to navigate the challenges and opportunities in taking your business next level.


12 May | 12h00-13h30

How an Entrepreneurial Mindset Turns Crisis into Opportunity

The result of everything we have emerges from our behaviour and actions which, in turn, is governed by our attitude. It starts in our mind so getting our thinking right is crucial.

Part 1 of the 2021 Standard Bank SME Summit online series will focus on getting business owners into the right headspace to take control in an uncertain world.

Join Business Growth Expert, Pavlo Phitidis and his panel at the online Standard Bank SME Summit to learn from real people and businesses that have managed to:

  • Rebound in unpredictable times
  • Leverage from crisis to a mindset of innovation and resilience
  • Rewire your thinking to embrace, rather than resist, uncertainty and change
  • Move forward with renewed clarity, energy and vigor


Tune into this online series for insights into the latest trends and opportunities to take your SME to the next level.

Get practical tips and tools you need to accelerate your business.

Connect with the experts in our live chat and get to know the other professionals across the SME, franchising, finance and enterprise development sectors throughout the online discussions.


The Covid crisis has devastated some parts of the SME sector but given other parts of the sector a massive opportunity!

Factors that play in an SMEs favor are:

  • SMEs have the advantage of being innovative and incredibly nimble – allowing them to disrupt the bigger players;
  • SMEs make fast decisions – a massive advantage when it comes to implementing new technology;
  • According to the National Development Plan, 90% of new jobs will be created by SMEs by 2030.


The unprecedented times in which we find ourselves today demand that SMES face the challenges head-on, armed with the right information and tools to adapt and thrive in the future. With so much at stake for our economy – and the investments required to sustain it – it’s imperative for small and medium sized businesses to know exactly how the SME landscape is unfolding, and to be fighting-fit to weather the storms of disruption.

Our online series, hosted by business growth expert, Pavlo Phitidis and his guest speakers will give you insights into the latest industry intelligence, strategies for the coming months and practical tips on how to transform your business to become more resilient and relevant in a post Covid economy.

Pillars will include:

  • How to pivot during unprecedented times
  • How to source, utilize and implement the right technology for your business and skill set
  • Mobilising capital for small businesses
  • The psychology of success
  • Easy to implement smart marketing and sales strategies
  • The opportunities for SMEs that lie ahead


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SME Summit South Africa
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