Post Corona – recovery strategies for struggling supply chains

08 July 2020

A recent Mc Kinsey report stated that “Business leaders now have a better sense of what can, and cannot, be done outside their companies’ traditional processes. Many are beginning to appreciate the speed with which their organizations can move once they change how they do things”.

In short, the coronavirus is forcing both the pace and scale of workplace innovation. Indeed, as businesses are forced to do more with less, many are finding better, simpler, less expensive, and faster ways to operate.  Businesses are also bridging the divide and following a more humancentric approach, building partnerships with suppliers, instead of relationships, to support them in retooling for  a competitive future.

Catherine Wijnberg



Vusi Fele


Absa Group Ltd

Peter Bruce

Former Editor-in-Chief

Business Day and Financial Mail

Barbara Copelovici

Entrepreneurship Manager


David McGluwa

Head of Department: Small Business Finance and Regions


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