Marketers adding value during COVID-19

4 August 2020

Covid-19 has completely changed the world and has infected millions of people. During this time, some marketers have taken it upon themselves to add value to some of their consumer’s lives by taking action on important causes. By doing so, these companies have helped keep South African’s safe during Covid-19.

With domestic abuse statistics soaring during the lockdown, Carling Black Label created a WhatsApp line under its #NoExcuse campaign to help encourage victims of domestic abuse to speak up during the national lockdown. Investec created a mental health campaign for their medical professional clients on the frontlines of COVID-19. These campaigns have improved and saved the lives of millions of South African’s during a difficult time and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Join the FM Redzone discussion with Arye Kellman (CCO, TILT) and our panel in a digitized event that will look into how marketers in South Africa have added value to their consumers during Covid-19 and their plans for the future.

Arye Kellman



Ruellan Bateman

Head of Marketing

Investec Private Banking

Thithi Nteta

Deputy Managing Director

FCB Joburg

Arne Rust

Brand Director

Carling Black Label

Rob Anderson

CEO and Founder

Brand Hubb

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