Radio Talent Management: Reshaped and Redefined

11 May 2021

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Radio Talent Management: Reshaped and Redefined

The nature of radio presenting as we know it, is evolving at a rapid rate. With advances in technology resulting in additional engagement mechanisms, paired with changes in skill sets needed these days, it’s necessary for the industry to rethink their talent management approach and how best to utilise on-air personalities to engage audiences and provide value to marketers.

No longer can a broadcaster just be a presenter with a good voice. Now they need to be engaging and multi-skilled as social media influencers, content providers, story tellers, brand ambassadors and have an impact on their community. So, how compelling is talent nowadays? And how can marketers leverage and utilise radio stations and their presenters efficiently?

Join us as we discuss the evolution of talent within radio as a critical success factor, the impact of the advances in technology and social media, how to utilise marketing on radio optimally, and why there is a need for creativity to drive change, innovation and transformation now more than ever.

Arye Kellman

Chief Creative Officer


Hulisani Ravele

Radio Presenter

947 Weekend Breakfast

John Walls


Ultimate Media

Anthony Soglo

Business Manager: Fortune Combo

R2000, SAFM & LotusFM

Martin Bester

Radio Presenter


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