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7 July 2020

How the Fast Food Industry Came Together to Feed Parts of South Africa

During lockdown, South African Fast Food chains where shut down for 5 weeks with no access to any income. However, during this time some Fast Food chains put aside their competitive minds and started to work together with Joint Aid Management (JAM) to feed hungry South Africans. Nando’s, McDonald’s and KFC were “firing it up”, getting streetwise and feeding those in need. For now, “we’re all lovin’ it” and made use of the hashtag #StreetwisePERIPERIMcBurger to promote their partnership.

With the lockdown slowly easing and with the Fast Food chains returning to some sense of normality, will it be possible for these brands to continue working together or will the competitive streak come back?

Arye Kellman



Ntombizamasala Hlophe

Strategy Director


Greg Solomon


McDonald’s SA

Suhayl Limbada

Marketing Director


Doug Place


Nando’s SA

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