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As the world’s largest generation, has the decision-making yet shifted to Millennial marketers?
26 October 2021

There are now more than eleven million Millennial global decision-makers on LinkedIn alone, and 73% of millennials in the workforce are now involved in either influencing or making buying decisions for their companies. Naturally, millennial marketers are best suited to speak to millennial consumers. So, how are brands catering to the millennial generation? What role does content marketing, mobile technology, data analytics and authenticity play in speaking to this hard-to-satisfy audience? And, how are millennial marketers revolutionising the market?

We’ll explore the role that millennial marketers play in the current marketing landscape and what this means for leading brands and their future strategies. Join us for this exciting online event Financial Mail Redzone In Discussion: As The World’s Largest Generation, Has The Decision-making Yet Shifted To Millennial Marketers? At 09h00 Tuesday, 26 October 2021.

Arye Kellman

Chief Creative Officer


Refilwe Maluleke 

Managing Director


Sibu Mabena


Duma Collective

Faheem Chaudhry

Partner and Managing Director

M&C Saatchi Abel

Jay Badza

Head Honcho

Orchard on 25

Marketers’ mindsets heading into 2022
30 November 2021

We’ve all experienced significant shifts in all aspects of life since 2020, with no day like the last. With consumer behaviour changing faster than ever before, marketers have to be ahead of the curve and adapt marketing strategies swiftly. Leading brands have learnt that success means flexibility. But, what will marketing look like in 2022? And can we take anything away from 2021?

Join us as we hear from leading marketing strategists on what considerations they plan to make ahead of 2022 and the marketing climate shifts they predict. This is a conversation, not one to be missed, as we unpack the zeitgeist in our Financial Mail Redzone In Conversation: Marketers’ Mindsets Heading Into 2022” online event at 09h00 on Tuesday 30 November 2021.

Arye Kellman

Chief Creative Officer


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