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The consideration of “cancel culture” when developing marketing and brand strategies
June 7 2022

Cancel culture is the popular practice of withdrawing support for public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. In 2022, how do marketing professionals develop communications which are proof against this, and what does this sense-checking entail?

Jeanine Rainier

General Manager


Faheem Chaudhry

Partner and Managing Director

M&C Saatchi Abel

Ashleigh Burton

Digital Associate


Phumi Mashigo

Founding Partner


Kagiso Tshepe

Kagiso Tshepe

Executive Creative Director

Grid Worldwide

What makes a brand valuable?
July 19 2022

According to Forbes a brand’s value is based on three factors: the brand or service financial performance, the role played in purchase decisions, and the competitive strength of the brand.

We discuss what brands can do to continually improve their value, and what this value means to consumers. We also look at how leading brands differentiate their marketing tactics from their rivals’ and ensure they are constantly competitive.

The evolving definition of beauty in advertising and communications
September 20 2022

The way social media helps shape how we perceive our bodies is ever-evolving. What is the responsibility of brands to create content which celebrates and empowers consumers by offering diverse definitions of beauty?

What 2022 taught me about marketing and communications
November 15 2022

Our panel reflects on the past year and its significant local marketing community takeouts. From changes in consumer behaviour to the rapid digitalisation of media, we review events while considering the reasons for optimism in the year ahead.

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