Costovation – why less is more when it comes to transforming your business

15 July 2020

Innovation and cost cutting are usually mutually exclusive.

How do you strike the balance of reducing costs, while still innovating for your customer?

Innovation is often realised by adding capabilities or features to a product or service, which increases costs. Some of the greatest innovations however, are developed through subtraction by focusing on what truly matters to create a relevant, final product. Reimagining and rethinking what will deliver on customer needs and desires can create innovations that reduce, rather than add to costs, while delighting customers in the process.  Join us for a discussion on “Costovation”  – a revolutionary approach to creating innovative and low-cost offerings which focus on what the customer really wants, and how this concept can be applied to your business.

Stephen Wunker

Author of ‘Costovation: Innovation That Gives Your Customers Exactly What They Want–And Nothing More’

Herman Singh

CEO of Future Advisory and Professor of Practice at the Johannesburg Business School (JBS)

Professor Lyal White

Senior Director of the Johannesburg Business School (JBS)

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