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The Changing Role of Women in the Value Chain
19 August 2021
10h00 – 11h00

How has the added pressure of working from home, or hybrids of remote work, impacted working women who seem to have more responsibilities than ever? And what is supplier development doing to support women suppliers as they transition to the new work reality? We need to collaborate to optimise women’s unique and changing role within the supplier development ecosystem and explore new ways to enable women to meet the many rapidly changing demands on her.

This discussion challenges the typical stereotypes and myths about women in business, from not being able to deliver due to increased domestic and family demands, to a lack of confidence, poor negotiation skills and being too cautious or risk averse. These perceptions feed a harsher reality of lower earnings, slower career progress and fewer growth and promotion opportunities – even when women are performing on par or have similar tenure.

Notwithstanding the many preconceived ideas about women in business, the biggest constraint women experience at work, according to Divine Ndhluka, founder of Securico Security Services in Zimbabwe, is the limitation they set themselves.

“My advice to women is: “If you want a certain future, go out and create it. Conquer your fears as that is what enslaves most women,” she said.

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