Looking after the women in our supply chains

11 August 2020

The current COVID-19 crisis has deeply impacted women who have borne the brunt of disproportionate care burdens, disruptions in income and education, and poor access to health and other essential services. For women already living in poverty, the lockdown is an additional shock to their economic stability.

From immediate relief efforts to longer-term recovery strategies, all sectors of society – including government, businesses, and corporate leaders – need to invest in female economic empowerment to ease the unique, unfair, and unequal impacts on women.

Catherine Wijnberg



Mamoroke Lehobye

Managing Director


Cecilia Njenga

Head of the UN Environment Office in South Africa

Sekai Chiwandamira

Regional Chapter Manager


Mishinga Seyuba Kombo

ESD Head

Pick n Pay

Tamiko Sher

Senior Non-Key Expert

Ecosystem Development for Small Enterprise

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