16 Days of Activism: The silent war on our children

25 November 2020
12:00 – 13:00

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Sunday Times LIVE Dialogues : 16 Days of Activism: The silent war on our children will the discussing the subject of child abuse at our next online event. Join Nicki Gules from Sunday Times with Dr. Shaheda Omar, Carina Coetzee, Ngaatendweishe Murombedzi and Deon Wiggett, the author of My Only Story as they discuss what is being done to prosecute child abusers, what forms the abuse takes, and get great advice for parents and teachers on how to spot that a child is being abused and what to do about it.

Nicki Gules

Managing Acting Editor: News and Investigations

Sunday Times

Ngaa Murombedzi

Advocacy Manager

Women and Men Against Child Abuse

Carina Coetzee

Senior Public Prosecutor

Sexual Offences & Community Affairs unit of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA)

Dr. Shaheda Omar

Clinical Director

Teddy Bear Foundation

Dean Wiggett

Author : My Only Story

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