Accreditation: Improving food safety

Food safety is necessary for maintaining a healthy population. With many diseases like HIV leaving millions of South Africans immunocompromised, it’s imperative that what enters people’s mouths as nutrition, does not end up making them ill. And now, with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting us all, keeping foodborne diseases at bay needs to be a top priority.

9 June is World Accreditation Day, and SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) invites you for a Business Day Dialogue that focuses on the role of accreditation in improving food safety.

Whether you’re a farmer, supplier, brand-owner, producer, or a consumer, understanding how to implement food safety practices and manage hazards to improve food safety is essential.

Join Joanne Joseph in discussion with Shadrack Phophi (Accreditation Manager: Testing and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Programs, SANAS); Prof Lise Korsten (Professor in Plant Pathology, University of Pretoria); Linda Jackson (Co-founder, Food Focus) and Penny Campbell (Director: Food Control, National Department of Health).

It is through the accreditation of players in the supply chain that consumers can feel confident that what they’re feeding themselves and their families, is tested, inspected and certified to be safe.