For close to three decades now, the Commonwealth of Dominica has helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. After launching its Citizenship by Investment Programme in 1993, the country has given foreign investors and their families a chance to build legacies through business expansion and a second home in times of crisis.

Titled “Reclaiming the Future: Thrive in 2022 with the safety and stability of Second Citizenship in Dominica,” our guests include Dominica’s Prime Minister, Dr the Hon Roosevelt Skerrit, the Head of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit, Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan, and Micha Emmett, the CEO of CS Global Partners.

Speakers will discuss the advantages of citizenship by investment in Dominica at a time in which increasing South African businesspeople seek to broaden their professional prospects though visa-free travel and attain a sense of safety and security for their future. The guest speakers will also inform listeners on the application process and eligibility criteria.

Join us for a Business Day Dialogues, in partnership with CS Global Partners, as we discuss Dominica’s strengths and outlook for the future, the key requirements of the Citizenship by Investment Programme, as well as what makes Dominica so attractive to South African investors.

Panel members:

Event details:
Date: February 10 2022
Time: 12pm-1pm (SAST)
Location: Online

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