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Technology plays an increasing role in our 21st century lives, and innovation is happening at breakneck speed. But how is all this change impacting how we live, how we play, and how we do business? Is our future being positively shaped, and is technology steering us toward sustainability or creating a world that is more fair?

Are disruptive technologies all they’re cracked up to be? From AI revolutionizing decision-making to blockchain transforming transactions, and 3D printing redefining manufacturing, this discussion unveils the immense potential and challenges of cutting-edge tech in revolutionizing industries. Uncover the dynamic landscape of disruptive technologies and its impact on business logistics, disruption, challenges, and opportunities in shaping our future.

We will also dive into Fostering an enabling environment for Green Energy Financing. Every country has a different Energy Transition pathway; the key priority is to ensure everyone’s access to energy. Amongst other factors, access to financing remains a critical unlock across the continent. In addition, how do you advance South Africa’s priorities in the Just Energy Transition, and what does the financing landscape look like.

MC: Nastassia Arendse

Panel members:

  • Patrick Devine: Data Security Specialist, Solid8 Technologies
  • Clifford de Wit: CTO, Altron Netstar
  • Rashveer Manilal: Head: Renewable Energy, Absa: Relationship Banking
  • Tando Mtintsilana: Professional in IT and Telecommunications
  • Natasha Parmanand: Managing Director – Operations, Sub-Saharan Africa, FedEx
  • Dr. Patrick Narbel: co-founder and CTO, GoSolr

Event details:

Date: Thursday, 18 April 2024

Time: 09h30 – 11h30

Venue: The Empire Conference & Events Venue, Parktown, Johannesburg

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