Nowadays, absolutely no area of business or life goes untouched by technology. The rapid switch from office-based to remote work environments has accelerated the adoption of internet-enabled services and devices, particularly in areas where human relationships used to take preference. This is also the case when it comes to sensitive issues like money, where consumers are embracing tech, and Financial Advisors are using it to deliver enhanced financial planning solutions. So how are Financial Advisors adopting technology, and how is it further boosting the valued service they provide?

When it comes to dealing with other people’s money – particularly when it centres around future provision – there’s no doubt that trust is one of the biggest factors at play. Being able to look someone in the eye, so that they know you have their best interests at heart is vital.

“We’ve noticed, particularly globally,  a strong generational shift in the clients that Financial Advisors are required to deal with,” says Adéle Hattingh, Business Development and Exchange Traded Products Manager at the JSE, about the younger population of individuals who are actively participating in investment and retirement-planning. “They’re not only tech-savvy, but they’re also embracing different investment vehicles like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and this means that Financial Advisors need to adapt to accommodate the needs of these forward-thinking younger clients.”

In this regard, the benefits that technology has introduced in the form of online, easily-accessible robo advisers – with a sharp focus on fledgling investors – cannot be denied in terms of the algorithm-driven convenience they aim to achieve.

While the functionality behind robo advisors can add significant benefits for those wanting to embark on DIY investment strategies, they do remain limited in the flexibility they can offer. Investment decisions should not be embarked on with a one-size-fits-all approach. This is where Financial Advisors are undoubtedly evolving to embrace the benefits of tech, while adding the critical human touch and investment nuances that are tailored to suit a client’s priorities, and respond to financial concerns about their future.

When one considers that many people indulge in emotion-based investment decision-making, Financial Advisors have a huge responsibility in delivering sound, trusted, numbers-based advice.

Join the Business Day | Financial Mail Investment Dialogues in association with the JSE in the first of a 2-part series geared towards Financial Advisors, where the changing role of Financial Advisors in a tech-driven era is discussed, along with the value to be derived from introducing local and globally-traded ETFs into the investment mix.

The Ever-changing Role of the Financial Advisor and the Growth of ETFs

Moderated by award-winning financial journalist Fifi Peters, you’ll hear from experts including…

  • Adéle Hattingh – Business Development & Exchange Traded Products Manager at JSE
  • Nerina Visser – Director & co-owner at etfSA
  • Anelisa Balfour – Portfolio Manager at Old Mutual Investment Group
  • Francis Marais – Head of Glacier Research at Glacier for Sanlam

Date: Tuesday,  September 7 2021
Time: 09h00 to 10h00

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