The need to be financially organised for retirement is becoming more prevalent among hard-working professionals.

The retirement landscape is changing dramatically as population ageing becomes increasingly visible. Furthermore, the pandemic has demonstrated that people have fundamental misconceptions about their future selves. This has brought the macro and micro realities of retirement into the spotlight.

Retirement is not just one phase of life, but numerous phases. It is a lifestyle change — not an event that happens when you are 60 years or older. What you do today informs the life you will live in the golden years. Therefore ensuring you plan leading up to and during your retirement will allow you to continue to live your best life.

How to plan for retirement will be the focus of an informative PPS Retirement Summit, in partnership with Business Day and the FM, on July 28 from 2pm to 5pm.

Retirement planning

Planning for retirement should not be a stressful exercise. This is why mapping out what you want for your future is an essential first step. Retirement planning incorporates more than just money: it is about our family, business, health and legacy. It is about our aspirations and the life we want to live during retirement. It is planning for a time where we are no longer restricted by the demands of  “9 to 5” but can do what we love — all the time.

One of the most complex parts of preparing for retirement is thinking about life as a 60- or 70-year-old. A number of people become so overwhelmed about saving for an unknown future, they end up not saving anything. However, planning for retirement is not overly burdensome, but you will need a road map that can evolve over time to keep you on track.

It is equally as important to prepare yourself for the emotional affect retirement can have on your life. Every life change, whether positive or negative, comes with emotional discomfort.

It is also important to visualise your life in retirement and take the time to reimagine the construct of your life as a successful retiree and how financial readiness enables it. Spend less in the lead-up to your retirement, foster new lifestyle habits, and find engaging ways to contribute — be it to past professions or in communities. These simple steps will ensure continued fulfilment.

The PPS Retirement Summit will be a three-hour hybrid event that will take an in-depth look at local and international insights that will assist attendees in adequately planning for retirement.

Join Bongani Bingwa and guests — in-studio and streaming — including:

  • Trend expert and founder of Flux Trends Dion Chang;
  • Executive for marketing & business development at PPS Investments Anil Thakersee;
  • Executive head of PPS wealth advisory & business development Linda Sherlock;
  • Equity investment director at Capital Group Richard Carlyle and;
  • Group executive for marketing and stakeholder relations at PPS, Ayanda Seboni.

Event details

Date: July 28, 2022

Time: 14.00pm- 17.00pm

Click here to register. 

PPS is a licensed life insurer, controlling company and authorised FSP.