In a future determined by so many variables, Technology has risen to become an elixir of sorts: a tonic that has allowed thousands of enterprises to pivot in a volatile climate with changing demands from customers, suppliers, and business partners.  Leaders who actively engage technology to accelerate their business goals have been building life-rafts to weather their organisations through the storms of threats unknown. Hybrid cloud computing, in particular,  has come to the fore in keeping businesses sufficiently agile to stay afloat and on course.

Other than Bill Gates and the relatively small group of very learned members of the international research community who held views that the next major threat to the global population would be viral in origin, there were few who really took note and anticipated the rapid onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The ensuing global lockdowns have severely impacted the free movement of people and international trade, and highlighted the real urgency of preparing for disaster, particularly in business.

Those organisations who were already committed to technology pre-Covid were undoubtedly those who secured themselves greater agility when the pandemic hit. In addition, those who were further down the path of digital transformation, were already working towards systems to facilitate secure, robust remote IT operations using a mix of on-premises data, with public cloud accessibility: hybrid cloud solutions.

The recent NTT Dimension Data 2021 Hybrid Cloud Computing report engaged 950 business and IT leaders in 13 countries across five sectors. More than two-thirds of those leaders agreed that business agility and the ability to respond to change will be driving decision-making over the next 12 months, particularly in the face of the growing distributed workforce model that sees fewer people working from the office, and more working remotely and from home.

Here are some other takeaways from the illuminating report that is soon to be published:

  • More than two thirds of business leaders believe improving business agility in response to change should be prioritised over the next twelve months.
  • 2% of organisations say they are struggling to keep up with compliance and security obligations.
  • The biggest driver towards adopting hybrid cloud lies in reducing cost inefficiencies in IT operations.

The Dimension Data FutureProof series in association with Business Day Dialogues invites you to join Business Day & Financial Mail business writer Mudiwa Gavaza in a candid interview with CEO of Liberty, David Munro.  Munro will share more about what Liberty is doing to promote resilience and agility in the business.

Our team of panellists will discuss their adoption of hybrid cloud solutions that have driven more innovation to sharpen their competitive edge and future proof their businesses – Dr Setumo Mohapi, chief go to market officer at Dimension Data Middle East & Africa with Raymond van Dongen, global director business IT at PayU, and Carl Snyman, principal solution architect from Acacia.

Date: Wednesday, April 21

Time: 10am – 11.30am

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The series of FutureProof virtual sessions brings industry leaders together to share insights and practices that promote business readiness for an unpredictable future.