As the world faces pressing environmental challenges, our collective responsibility to protect and preserve our planet has never been more critical. In the pursuit of a sustainable future, the path to energy security emerges as a defining factor in shaping our world.

Join Master of Ceremonies: Nastassia Arendse at the next Financial Mail Green Economy Conference brought to you by Schneider Electric in partnership with Mulilo, Siemens Energy Southern Africa, Sanlam Investments, GoSolr, Kyocera, Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority and Lesedi Energy Engineering as we embark on a collective mission to foster a greener tomorrow, where businesses thrive, communities prosper, and the planet flourishes. Let’s be the architects of change and together build a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Panel Discussion 1: Towards a Greener Tomorrow: Pioneering the Green Economy

Discover how businesses and investors can align profitability with environmental responsibility, paving the way for innovative solutions that will propel industries towards a sustainable paradigm. Learn from the successes of companies that have embraced eco-consciousness, and redefined business practices for a more prosperous and sustainable world.

Moderator: Zinathi Gquma


  • Devan Pillay: Anglophone Africa, Schneider Electric
  • Robyn Vilakazi: Chief Financial Officer, Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority (EwSETA).
  • Fergus Slattery: Director, CF Africa Pty Ltd
    • Teboho Makhabane: Head of ESG and Impact at Sanlam Investments

Panel Discussion 2: The Road to Energy Security: Bridging International Borders

Discover how investments in renewable resources, smart grid systems, and energy efficiency initiatives can not only enhance energy security but also fuel economic growth and job creation. The importance of international cooperation and policy frameworks in accelerating the transition to clean energy will also highlight how governments, businesses, and communities can collaborate to create a harmonious and sustainable energy ecosystem that transcends borders.

Moderator: Nastassia Arendse


  • Stuart MacWilliam: Head of Strategy and M&A, Mulilo
  • Ajay Lalla: Project Development Specialist, Lesedi
  • Thabo Molekoa: Chairman /Managing Director, Siemens Energy Southern Africa
  • Devan Pillay: Cluster President, Anglophone Africa, Schneider Electric
  • Xolisa Dlamini: Head: Sustainability operations and impact, Sanlam Ltd

Date: August 24, 2023

Time: 8h30am (in-person) | 9h30 (virtual)

Venue: The Empire Conference and Events Venue, Park Town, Johannesburg

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