Project Description

We are in unprecedented times and never has it been more opportune for women to step up and fulfil their destiny as businesswomen, owners and leaders, than now. Why aren’t more women using their incredible genius, talent, skills, intuition and compassion to drive economic recovery and lead us into a more viable and holistic way of working? In business and in supply chain…

Domestically, when things get tough, it’s women who find a way to put bread on the table. Redirected, that innate drive to survive and thrive could empower women to step up as the key human resource business now needs. What is holding women back from “becoming”, as Michelle Obama describes it?

Our women are pregnant with the expectancy of birthing something new. But are they waiting for some external source to give them permission and legitimacy to “become” great? When the time has come and the baby is on its way, nothing can hold it back! Women “in labour” are a force of nature.

Women believe in themselves and have the self-determination to shatter the glass ceiling, collaborate across the spectrum, work with mentors and coaches and transition into ‘becoming’ the African leaders and business women of the future.

Join us for this digital dialogue as our panellists explore new and emerging trends in supply chain and how women are making things happen for themselves, and others in their environment and the circular economy.

Joanne Joseph


Michal Pillay

Senior Manager Supplier Diversity

Absa Group

Violet Lupuwana

Founding Owner and MD

Chumile Holdings

Kgatile Nkala

Executive Manager: Corporate Services

TETA (Transport and Education Training Authority)

Chantal de Kock

General Manager


Sekai Chiwandamira

Regional Chapter Manager: ANDE

Aspen Institute