Project Description

BEE share ownership schemes aim to give previously disadvantaged South Africans the opportunity to own a stake in a company and participate in its growth. There are currently four BEE share schemes listed on the JSE.

But what are such schemes, how do they work; how do you buy shares; and are they a good investment?

Join the Sowetan Dialogues in association with JSE Investor Services, as Alishia Seckam speaks to some of SA’s biggest BEE share schemes, along with industry experts. They will expand your knowledge on how to manage, invest into, and grow your BEE share opportunities.

Alishia Seckam



Hartwell Tshuma


William Radcliffe Inc

Sameera Khan

Company Secretary

YeboYethu RF Limited

Lucy Mofokeng

Share Schemes Co-ordinator

SAB (South African Breweries)

Carol Crozier


JSE Investor Services

Busi Silwanyana

Chairman: Audit Committee

YeboYethu RF Limited