Project Description

COVID-19 has accelerated how digital transformation might alter the future of work for companies in the oil & gas, MMM, petrochemical, food & beverage and energy sectors. We live in an age of disruption, the demands on these sectors for high quality, uninterrupted supply makes digital transformation essential. Industries now require digital and remote services to keep their operations and supply chains running optimally. This has significant impact on the engineering requirements as well as predictive maintenance planning of mission critical industrial assets.

Charting this new path requires industry leaders to re-evaluate the business models of today and tomorrow and challenge their conventional definition of productivity, without sacrificing production or profitability in the process.

Join AVEVA and IS3 at the Business Day Focus 4.0 LIVE as experts explore and discuss how digital transformation can help companies become more sustainable and profitable across engineering and operations, and maximize asset, production and supply chain performance.

In this session we will explore:

  • The state of Digital Transformation in South Africa
  • What are the key priorities facing the industry right now
  • How industries are measuring up in terms of digital maturity and how to move forward on the transformation journey
  • What are the challenges organizations face in digital transformation
  • What are the technology enablers to deliver the data and insight enterprises need to empower the modern workforce

Bruce Whitfield


Julien de Beer

Head of Portfolio Management: Engineering Business Unit


Stan Devries

Director Digital Acceleration Consulting


Dion Govender

CEO: Digital Industries