Project Description

That the social, demographic and economic context in which the pharmaceutical industry continues to change is no secret. The sudden emergence of COVID-19 has focused attention on the pharmaceutical industry and the need to research, develop and deliver effective treatments as well as much-needed vaccines – The world has never been so engaged in what it takes to develop therapies and vaccines.

Conversations have moved away from just the cost of medicine, to the industry’s more commendable socio-economic contributions and work done to rapidly develop vaccines and treatments. Breaking barriers, improving efficiency and boosting investment and collaboration is key to building a sustainable future.

Join the Innovative Pharmaceutical Association of SA (IPASA), in partnership with Business Day Dialogues, as we uncover the importance of well-informed healthcare reporting, and the role that pharmaceutical companies play in not only contributing to, but resuscitating the South African economy after the COVID-19 crisis and how to bridge the gap between the pharmaceutical industry and media.