Project Description

The role of Intellectual Property (IP) and the importance of its protection

Intellectual Property (IP) rights serve as an incentive to reward innovation by providing IP creators and owners with the time and opportunity to see a return on investment for their creation. A weak IP regime has an adverse effect and impact on access to innovative therapies.

IP rights are not only the lifeline of the pharmaceutical industry, but many other industries globally.

Join us in conversation as we educate stakeholders about IP rights and the importance of IP protection, as well as how the protection of IP allows for continuous innovation and R&D.

Joanne Joseph

Master of Ceremonies

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Zweli Bashman

Managing Director, MSD, and President


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Dr McLean Sibanda

Managing Director and Board member

Bigen Global

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Dr Susan Winks

Head of Research Operations and Business Development

H3D Drug Discovery Centre, University of Cape Town

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Professor Yahya Choonara

Director of Wits Advanced Drug Delivery Platform

University of the Witwatersrand

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Dr Tsepo Tsekoa

Chief Researcher

Council for Industrial Scientific Research (CSIR)

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