Project Description

The Future of Healthcare

The National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill marks the progression of a new era in South African healthcare. Given the potential impact that the Bill’s framework may have on every South African, Businesses in our country and our employee benefits in the future, we must reflect now on a successful way forward between public and private sectors.

Does the public or private sector currently offer solutions that address the needs of South Africans, or our employed workforce needs and constraints? What can be done to ensure that all citizens have access to high-quality, affordable, and equitable healthcare?

Facilitated by Joanne Joseph, watch ASI Financial Services in partnership with Business Day Dialogues to discuss how your business can navigate the NHI environment. Dr Nicholas Crisp, Deputy Director General of the National Health Insurance, provided insight into the implementation of the NHI Bill. Additionally, we were joined by Prelisha Singh, the Partner, Healthcare Sector Lead at Webber Wentzel, Teshlin Akaloo, Managing Director: NetcarePlus from Netcare and Dr Stan Moloabi, Principal Officer at Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS). The discussion focused on the current and future scenarios that your business may encounter, as well as practical models and strategies that your business may adopt for your employees and their families.

Joanne Joseph


Dr Nicholas Crisp

Deputy Director General

National Health Insurance

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Prelisha Singh

Partner, Healthcare Sector Lead

Webber Wentzel

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Anthony Govender

Chief Visionary Officer


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Teshlin Akaloo

Managing Director

NetcarePlus, Netcare

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Dr Stan Moloabi

Principal Officer


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