Project Description

The financial uncertainty brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for people to take charge of their finances and plan for the future. But making emotion-based investment decisions – particularly during unpredictable times – can hold numerous pitfalls. The psychology behind investing cannot be ignored, and neither can a proper understanding of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Moderated by financial journalist Nastassia Arendse, the Business Day | Financial Mail Investment Dialogues and the JSE invites every-day investors to learn more about ETFs and the benefits that professional financial advice can deliver. A panel of financial planning gurus will explain:

  • What is an ETF, what are the benefits, and how are they used to make you more money?
  • What are the various types of ETFs?
  • What’s the difference between local and global ETFs?
  • How can you access an ETF?
  • What must you bear in mind when investing?

You’ll hear from…

  • Itumeleng Monale, Chief Operating Officer, JSE
  • Robert van Eyden, CEO, FNB Stockbroking & Portfolio Management, and author of Investing Happiness
  • Nerina Visser, Director & co-owner at etfSA
  • Wehmeyer Ferreira, COO, STANLIB Index Investments

Nastassia Arendse


Itumeleng Monale

Chief Operating Officer


Robert van Eyden


FNB Stockbroking & Portfolio

Nerina Visser

Director & co-owner


Wehmeyer Ferreira


STANLIB Index Investments