Project Description

Sunday Times Lifestyle’s How She Does It? series takes us up-close-and-personal, and into the lives of South African women who are accomplishing great things. It’s uplifting and motivating at a time when we all need something to smile about, and find inspiration in.

Through one-one-one interviews, How She Does It? aims to lift the enigma of female success, showing us the importance of character when times are tough.

How She Does It? speaks with women who are confident in their vulnerability, and open to sharing the daily trials and tribulations they face. We’ll hear what they’ve learnt over the years, what they see in their futures, and what advice they’d give to their younger selves.

How She Does It? is about celebrating life with SA’s most formidable and accomplished women.

Join Aspasia Karras, publisher of Sunday Times Lifestyle as she finds out what makes Lara Foot – Director of the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town – tick.