Project Description

Sanlam ESG Barometer

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) imperatives have become fundamental to how businesses make investment decisions. By effectively including and implementing ESG in business strategy, South African business can become more attractive for foreign investment to boost economic growth. But far more than this, the impact that investing for good has on the whole of South Africa is immeasurable. Investing for the planet and people creates a better world, a world where we can all live confidently, knowing we are leaving the right legacy for future generations. The Sanlam ESG Barometer in partnership with Business Day will be the first to assess how JSE-listed companies are actively improving environmental and social outcomes in society through their activities. Watch the inaugural Sanlam ESG Barometer Conference, where business leaders discuss what the Intellidex-led research, the Sanlam ESG Barometer, has revealed about SA’s international investor appeal.