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Amid the unfortunate widespread devastation of last month’s events, there are already glimmers of hope, unity and the strengthening of communitarian bonds coming to light.

In the last instalment of this four part series, we discussed the action points businesses needed to take in order to reset your business to win in the gaps and opportunities created by change.

In the next episode, we would like to highlight the opportunities in crisis and how to channel this into rebuilding your business during this phase.

Assess what’s changed temporarily, permanently, and fundamentally across customers, collaborators, capabilities, competitors and conditions.

In part three of the four part Standard Bank SME Summit online series, Business Growth Expert, Pavlo Phitidis and his panel will take you through real life scenarios, that will help you develop a new view on potential leverage points, how those impact your strategy, organisation and operations and how to yield the positive outcomes when taking the steps to rebuild your business.

Pavlo Phitidis

Business Growth Expert & CEO


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Naiema Abrahams

Group Managing Director


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Saskia Hill

CEO & Owner,

MCS Debt Recovery and Connect BPS

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Robyn Zinman


OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry

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Sunshine Hlamalani Shibambo


Cheri Yase Kasi

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