Project Description

Radio has proved to be one of the most accessible information platforms for South Africans to turn to for updates and upliftment during the national lockdown.

In celebrating the power of radio, The Radio Awards are inviting media owners and marketers to join esteemed media professional Tim Zunckel in conversation with Greg Maloka (MD of Kaya FM – Commercial Station of the Year Award winner), Kaibe Mollo (Head of Marketing at African Bank), and Leanne Kunz (Station Manager at Tuks FM – Campus Station of the Year Award winner) and Gordon Muller (Media specialist) as they share their voices on:

• Current trends in the radio industry, which will ultimately be moulded by the impact of COVID-19

• How radio has evolved over the last few years to establish its attractiveness for advertisers

• How marketers can get the most for their advertising budgets

• The growing influence of social media in extending audience reach, and the value of incorporating digital as a platform

• The power of user generated content, and

• The essential role radio personalities play in building audiences and keeping them loyal

• Value in advertising on radio