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Positive impact through sustainable investing

In a world driven by innovation and change, going ‘green’ is an important imperative factor in mitigating climate change and ensuring environmental well-being. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a viable sustainability strategy for most investors who seeks to invest in and support the transition to a more client resilient, non-carbon based and sustainable, socially inclusive economy.

There is increased importance of reporting and aligning with the various taxonomies and frameworks and knowing how to practically apply sustainable principles in your organisation while still meeting stakeholder expectations to generate a measurable sustainable outcome, alongside a financial return.

Watch Andile Khumalo online at the first in a series of Financial Mail Green Economy Digital Dialogues with Brian Unsted: Asset Management Executive and Head of Good Spaces for Liberty Two Degrees (L2D), Olympus Manthata: Head of Climate Finance for Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), and Jason Liddle: Head of Distribution for Sanlam Investments, as they engaged on key ESG goals, issues, and outcomes.

Andile Khumalo

Andile Khumalo


Brian Unsted

Asset Management Executive and Head of Good Spaces

Liberty Two Degrees (L2D)

Olympus Manthata

Head of Climate Finance

Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)

Jason Liddle

Head of Distribution

Sanlam Investments