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Mining – A conversation with Anglo American South African leaders

The mining sector contributes significantly to the South African economy, with operations across the length and breadth of the country. Against the backdrop of South Africa’s multiple challenges and the urgency of addressing climate change, Anglo American is leading the way in mining sustainably.

By combining smart innovation with the utmost consideration for people – whether they are employees, local communities, customers, and the world at large – the company is working to better connect precious resources in the ground to all of us who need and value them.

Now more than ever, the mining industry is paving the way for the future of transitioning to a low-carbon sector. Clean, non-fossil fuel dependent energy is critical to decarbonising the global economy, and green hydrogen is a key part of the global solution for both the energy storage and transport sectors. Anglo American is committed to playing its part to address the root cause of climate change by ensuring carbon neutrality across its mining operations by 2040.

Join Business Day in association with Anglo American as they unpack the use of the world’s next source of energy – hydrogen.

Alishia Seckam

BDTV Anchor and TV Personality

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Natascha Viljoen

Chief Executive Officer

Anglo American Platinum

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Fahmida Smith

Market Development Principal

Anglo American

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Jonathan Debasc

ENGIE Green Hydrogen Managing Director Thermal

Supply and Hydrogen Africa

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