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Business Day Dialogues in partnership with Accenture

Is SA’s workforce facing an accelerating mental wellness crisis?

The World Health Organisation suggests that in less than 10 years’ time depression will become the globe’s biggest illness. Already the World Economic Forum says mental disorders result in lost productivity of $1-trillion each year, while the World Federation for Mental Health estimates more than 10% of working people have taken time off for depression.

Watch Accenture in Africa CEO Vukani Mngxati in conversation with a panel of experts as they interrogate the situation in SA, what the impact is on the workforce and economy, and explore solutions.

Better mental health means happier and more motivated staff and higher productivity.

Jeremy Maggs


Vukani Mngxati


Accenture in Africa

Jeanett Modise



Dr Nondumiso Makhunga-Stevenson

Medical Advisor


Chanique Dodo

Country HR Leader

Oracle South Africa