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Malcom Ray’s The Tyranny of Growth Book Launch in partnership with Sunday Times

The Tyranny of Growth: A new way of imagining the world and transcending the problems facing us by offering new ideas to achieve change.

Watch Author Malcolm Ray at the online launch of his book, The Tyranny of Growth: Why Capitalism has Triumphed in the West and Failed in Africa, in partnership with the Sunday Times and Melinda Ferguson Books, as he provides an original account of how and why the prevailing GDP growth doctrine came to have such bewildering power over the African continent, despite its ruinous consequences.

In the context of growing concerns over rising poverty, sharpening inequality and environmental destruction, this expert panel of political economists and social scientists debated a revolutionary new framework for human prosperity and wellbeing in Africa beyond GDP. This event appeals to economists, policymakers, academics and individuals interested in the roots of the economic crisis in Africa — and what to do about it.

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Malcolm Ray

Author: The Tyranny of Growth

Dr Adrian Saville

Dr Iraj Abedian

Economist and author of FutureNEXT: Reimagining the World and Conquering Uncertainty

Professor Muxe Nkondo

Harvard Andrew MelLon Fellow in English and former Vice Chancellor of the Universities of Venda and North West

Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti

Author of Wellbeing Economy: Success in a World without Growth