Project Description

As the phases of the pandemic roll in and out, investing the lessons that you have learned back into your business will help reset strategy and build resilience.

As we explored the first leg of this four-part online series, getting your mindset right in order to turn crisis into opportunity is the first step.

In part two, we will take you through the action points of how you can reset your business to win the gaps and opportunities created by change

The journey starts with understanding who you serve and what they need, so you can start working to solve the new problems they face.

Join business growth expert, Pavlo Phitidis and a panel of recognised innovators, a well-known dating coach and business turnaround entrepreneurs as they explore how to get this right in order to reset your business, to win.

Pavlo Phitidis

Business Growth Expert & CEO


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Danny Pillay


South African Darts Association

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Mapaseka Mokwele,

Relationship, Life and Executive Coach

Bashumi Fixers (Pty) Ltd

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Keith Govender

Former Naval Officer and Executive Director

Anchora Enterprises

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Bruce Turner

Founder and CEO

The Bespoke Amenities Company

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Trinity Mohlamme


The Media Connection

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