Project Description

Analysis of data provides an objective, numbers-based tool to inform brands about consumer behaviour and preferences.

However, gut-feel and a level of human experience can bring a more personal/ uniquely human element of empathy into the marketing mix – something numbers often can’t provide.

How should brands create concepts that earn consumer’s attention while respecting their privacy? And should we be training up and coming marketers to love what they do and use their gut instead of purely data? Or vice-versa?

Watch the Future of Media discussion as we debated how much weight data versus gut-feel should carry in building outstanding brand marketing campaigns and how to apply owned data in a way that is creative, strategically effective, and legally sound.

Siya Sangweni


Lindile Xoko

Chief revenue officer

Primedia Broadcasting

Linda Appie

Head of marketing


David Uribe

Regional Head of Data, CEE, Africa & Middle East