Project Description

Africa has progressed considerably since The Economist’s iconic ‘Africa the hopeless continent’ cover of 2000 that defined the continent’s image across the world. That image was a powerful testament to the influence of media in shaping opinions and influencing conversations about the continent. Back then, the Africa of 2000, certainly in mainstream global media, was all about civil wars, Ebola, AIDS, corruption, violent elections and poor leadership.

Fast forward 21 years. What has changed? Has that image of Africa evolved in the media? And what is the media’s role in helping the continent define its own story?

A partnership with Africa No Filter and the Future of Media, this webinar brought together traditional and new media publishers in Africa to unpack why narrative matters and what it takes to shift the stereotypical one about Africa.

Siya Sangweni


Moky Makura

Executive Director

Africa No Filter

Mary Harper

Africa Editor


Sipho Kings

Editorial Director

The Continent

Marie Mbullu 

TikTok Influencer