Project Description

‘Decide what you’re going to do next, and then do it. Make good decisions about what’s next and you thrive’ – Seth Godin

At a time of volatility, it is harder than ever for brands to preempt what time holds in store. Surefooted planning is not an option, so making change a habit must become one.

The only campaigns that fail are the ones that are not open to pivots and adaptation. How might the industry create a balance between rapid campaign adjustments and longer-term brand equity?

Have 2020’s lessons really made us more agile?

What tools and tactics are proven to make change faster, simpler and more positive?

How do we cultivate a workplace culture dynamism and agility, in both how they are lead and how they operate?

Join us as we gain insight into practical ideas that agencies, brands and media owners are using to secure their place in the future.