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Set moods. Heal hearts. Elevate. Swipe left for more.

From the moment you wake up, to the seconds before a business pitch, radio is always there. Radio sets a mood, heals heartbreak, and elevates debate.

Radio is there for news and entertainment, a prank or a rant, we all have a memorable radio moment. It seemingly has no beginning, no end and is always on.

Brands thrive on radio, people interact with and on radio, and countries use it to connect across the globe.

The power of radio cannot be summed up in a few words, in fact it can’t even be explained in a thesis, such is the power of the medium.

Watch the NAB webinar where we discussed the ever-evolving world that is radio, why it’s a critical component to the 21st media mix and why your ideas matter now more than ever.

Radio Always.

Let’s talk about FM in the PM.

Grant Nash


Doug Place

Chief Marketing Officer

Nando’s Africa, Middle East, and South Asia

Dashni Vilakazi

Managing Director

The MediaShop

Tshepo Tumahole

Creative Director

Joe Public

Melissa Mc Nally

Research and Analytics Manager

Kagiso Media