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Election politics to end corruption – what can citizens and business do?

As citizens of South Africa, it is our democratic right to hold the government to account. We cannot stand by and let corruption happen, nor can we place business on a pillar and expect it alone to combat corruption. Engaged and participative citizens make a moral judgement of governing parties by turning out to cast their votes on election day.

As Judge Navi Pillay put it, “corruption is a killer”. Make your vote count by casting it in favour of a party with a sound plan to eradicate corruption, like the Chapter 9 Integrity Commission.

Join Joanne Joseph at the next Business Day DialoguesLIVE, in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Accountability Now, with Paul Hoffman – Director of Accountability Now, Hon. Velenkosini Fiki Hlabisa – President of the Inkatha Freedom Party and Bonang Mohale – CEO of Business Leadership South Africa as they discuss what business and citizens alike can do to ensure our fundamental constitutional and human rights are not violated through corruption.

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Business Leadership South Africa

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