Project Description

Unlocking tomorrow’s success: Crafting a future-fit workforce and harnessing disruptive technology

In a world that is evolving at an unprecedented pace, South Africa finds itself at the crossroads of digital innovation. Businesses that adapt and evolve are the ones that thrive. We’ll explore the importance of cultivating a workforce that not only embraces change but also drives it, fostering innovation and resilience as the key pillars of success.

Additionally, we investigated the disruptive technologies that are revolutionizing products, services, and customer experiences across industries. From AI and automation to data analytics, we’ll unpack how these advancements are reshaping business models.

Thought leaders and industry pioneers shared insights on navigating this digital frontier.

Watch us at the Business Day Focus 4.0 hybrid conference, where we delve into the pivotal themes of building a future-fit workforce and harness the power of disruptive technology.


Nastassia Arendse

MC & Moderator

Prof Wesley Rosslyn-Smith

Director, Centre for the Future of Work (CFoW)

Tony Vicente

Chief Operating Officer, Adapt IT

Prof Khumbulani Mpofu

Professor of Industrial Engineering, Tshwane University of Technology

Wynand Roos

Co-founder, The CRM Team

Brendon Williamson

Managing Director, Payfast

Jonathan Oaker

Founder & CEO, CloudZA

Dr Sean Kruger

Senior Lecturer, Centre for the Future of Work (CFoW)

Eduard du Plessis

CEO, Fixed Mobile Telcomms