Project Description

Equipping Financial Advisors with the Right Tools – A Closer Look at ETFs

With growing popularity and consumer interest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), it’s imperative for Financial Advisors to be on top of their game. How does an FA construct a portfolio that uses ETFs as the building blocks for successful returns? How does one create balance between Equity ETFs, Fixed Income ETFs, Commodity ETFs and more?

Join the Business Day | Financial Mail Investment Dialogues, in association with the JSE – in the 2nd of a 2-part series geared for FAs – for a deep-dive dissection of ETFs and the benefits that can be derived from each.

An expert panel will un-pack the various ETF types and provide FAs with a firm understanding to make judicious comparisons in terms of structure, TER, and the underlying security options on which they rest.

Fifi Peters

Financial Journalist (Moderator)

Thato Matsafu

Head: Primary Markets


Gareth Stobie

Managing Director


Grant Locke

Head of OUTvest

Maurice Madiba

Managing Director

Cloud Atlas Investing