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Re-building our economy: Why third party access to SA’s rail infrastructure is essential

Rail plays an important role in supporting productivity and increasing the sustainability of the country’s economy. However, transportation challenges and infrastructural delays affect a nation’s progress. Therefore, South Africa and the African continent need an efficient transport system through greater private sector participation.

For South Africa to cement its position as a freight and logistics leader on the African continent, rail should be the preferred mode of transport. If third party operators can access existing rail infrastructures, the benefits to the GDP can be immense. However, key elements need to be put in place to stimulate more significant usage of and investment in the country’s rail infrastructure, starting immediate structural reform to accelerate the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan (ERRP).

Join the Business Day Dialogues in association with the African Rail Industry Association (ARIA) as the panel of industry experts discuss what is needed to open the rail industry to private operators and the immediate benefits to the country and the African continent as a whole.

Mesela Nhlapo


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James Holley


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