Project Description

Please join us as we share the results of the first ever in-depth study of authentic resilience – crucial insights for individuals, business and organisations.

The Authentic Resilience Report is the result of a collaboration between The Resilience Factory and leading research company WhyFive Insights. This national survey is based on The Resilience Factory’s 10 R’s of Authentic Resilience. These measures have produced fascinating insights into specific resilient behaviours which in turn allow for a resilience index rating which we can view by demographic segments like age, gender, education and income.

Equally fascinating are segmented views by psychographics measures which provide insight of who these resilient people are and how they think, feel and behave – and why they are your most valuable team members, employees and consumers.

Siya Sangweni


Dr John Wentzel


Adcorp Group – Africa and Australia

Brandon de Kock

Director of storytelling


Pippa Shaper


The Resilience Factory

Gabi Lowe


The Resilience Factory