Project Description

Join MISTRA at the next Business Day DialoguesLIVE, in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung South Africa (FES), with a diverse group of panellists, including Professor Susan Booysen, Joel Netshitenzhe, Advocate Jennica Beukes and Professor Mcebisi Ndletyana as they launch MISTRA’s report on When Wedding Bells Ring: Coalitions with(out) concord: Analysis of South Africa’s 2021 local elections and coalitions.

South Africa conducted its sixth set of municipal elections since the start of the democratic era (and the introduction of democratically elected local government in 2000) on 1 November 2021. 27 years into South African multiparty democracy, the 2021 local government elections revealed remarkable declines in levels of participation generally.

The analysis and report of the study assess three main objectives:

  • The trends in local elections 2021, projected nationally and provincially, in the details of municipal results
  • Result trends for both the party political results and turnout-participation in current and former coalition-governed municipalities
  • The constitution of coalition governments in metropolitan and local municipalities during the post-election period of early to late November-December 2021

Professor Susan Booysen

Moderator / Director of Research


Joel Netshitenzhe

Executive Director


Professor Mcebisi Ndletyana

Department of Politics and International Relations

University of Johannesburg

Advocate Jennica Beukes

Doctoral Researcher and Research Assistant

Dullah Omar Institute

Wandile Ngcaweni

Junior Researcher


Amuzweni Ngoma



Dr Yacoob Abba Omar

Director Operations