What a time to be in Radio! The global word for 2020 is definitely “unprecedented” and such an apt characterisation of the media industry as well!

The lockdown, unemployment and general state of uncertainty has had a significant psycho-social impact on communities and Radio has stepped up during this time – proving to be relatable, caring, adaptable and agile.

Radio integrated platforms to strengthen community reach and research shows that listenership increased globally. Programme schedules changed and drive time shifted gear. Audiences looked to traditional media for credible news and information notwithstanding the rapid uptake of online media services.

Media owners and brands have also used this period as an opportunity to collaborate in support of communities and to connect stakeholders- how can these valuable partnerships be sustained going forward? Are there barriers in the ecosystem to evolve from ‘Radio only’ to a constant listening stream?

Join the Financial Mail Redzone and NAB Commercial Radio members from YFM, ECR, Algoa FM, and OFM for a panel discussion as they share experiences and insights on the Power of Radio and its future!