Differentiating brands in today’s cluttered environment has become one of the greatest challenges facing marketers, who need to find a space where their brand can not only be seen and heard, but also where consumers will find relevance and value. In this landscape, events provide a means to engage with jaded consumers overwhelmed with too much information from too many brands clamouring for their attention.
Events provide marketers with a number of opportunities to engage with their audiences, at the same time creating increased brand awareness. Consumers today value experiences as much as they value the brand itself and events are the ideal platform to create a memorable brand experience. Events that provide meaningful experiences allow brands to forge emotional connections, create opportunities for personal engagement or provide relevant tools or information that will in some way enhance the lives of their audiences.
An event is a way for brands to answer the “what’s in it for me” outlook of today’s consumer. Competitions, giveaways and opportunities to share great content and experiences will appeal to consumers who feel the need to receive something in return for their brand loyalty.
Events provide a valuable way to reach jaded consumers and create brand awareness.
According to Tiso Blackstar events specialist Taryn Westoby, brand awareness is further enhanced when the brand can tailor-make the event to resonate with its particular target audience. “From lifestyle to business and finance, media and marketing, business and leadership, events clearly create an association between a brand, the sector in which it operates, and its consumer audience,” she says.
The opportunities to engage with the audience can extend far beyond the event itself. Marketing activations can further leverage the event by focusing on the various touchpoints associated with it – from the build-up to the event where excitement and discussion is created among consumers, to the sharing of memories after the event, the key is for the brand to become part of the conversation around the event, within the communities who will be attending it, says Magnetic Storm MD Andrew Gibson.
To this end, brands should be analysing social media trends and using these insights to become part of the conversation and provide valuable content that resonates with audiences, further entrenching the brand within the targeted communities, says Gibson.