With the whole world being in crisis at the moment, one can panic or one can look at crisis as change and change meaning opportunity. South African businesses have an opportunity brought about by Covid to play in the global space and do business with the rest of the world – now is our time to take advantage and digitisation is a key tool to enable this.

Join business growth expert, Pavlo Phitidis, as he takes business owners on a fascinating 4 part journey of how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of digitising your business.

The journey will see Pavlo speaking to some inspirational people, across a wide array of industries, who will share practical case studies of how they have embraced digitisation in their business.

In the first online event Pavlo will interview Alan Burger, owner of Infoslips, an innovative South African company now operating from the USA, who will share some thought provoking insights on the possibilities for businesses to automate and streamline business processes.

Join us as we ready and equip our businesses for the “new normal”, ready to move forward more nimble than ever.