The role of innovation in the future of healthcare

The Innovative Pharmaceutical Association of South Africa (IPASA), in partnership with Business Day Dialogues will be discussing ways in which collaboration and partnership could capitalize on rapid technological advances to improve patient care, treatment outcomes and revolutionalise both the public and private healthcare sectors.


The pharmaceutical industry is in an exciting era in medicine development where research methods are constantly evolving and many promising prospects are on the horizon – from the possibilities offered by personalised medicines, to the potential offered by harnessing the power of big data.


Date: 17 March 2020

Time: 07h30 – 11h00

Venue: Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

Innovative new medicines provide tremendous value to patients and society. With the fourth industrial revolution firmly forging ahead, new medicines are showcasing their ability to prevent, manage and even cure diseases to ensure life-saving treatments quicker and more efficiently.


Developing a vibrant pharmaceutical industry is critical to us as a country and the continent of Africa. Join us for a conversation that aims to define the role of innovation in the future of healthcare.

Let’s together combine efforts to ensure quality that will increase healthcare access– and save more lives.


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