With growing popularity and consumer interest in exchange traded funds (ETFs), it’s imperative for financial advisers to be on top of their game. How does an FA construct a portfolio that uses ETFs as the building blocks for successful returns?

As at end August this year, ETFs with a market capitalisation in excess of R113 billion were traded at a YTD average daily value in excess of R310 million on the JSE. The total value of trades sits at more than R50 billion.

“ETFs continue to offer a significant value proposition for novice and astute investors in an economic environment that remains difficult to navigate says Adèle Hattingh, Business Development and Exchange Traded Products Manager at the JSE.

The popularity of ETFs is growing: they’re efficient, relatively inexpensive investment vehicles, and they offer higher levels of liquidity and transparency than many other funds. And because they can be traded like any other stock, they’re a great offering for investors.

With a wide variety of ETFs  – 85 on the JSE (as at 9 September 2021) – available: equity, bond and fixed income, commodity, currency, specialty and factor, a solid understanding of their unique features will give financial advisers the edge when it comes to constructing well-balanced client portfolios, particularly during the volatile economic times in which we live.

Join the Business Day | Financial Mail Investment Dialogues, in association with the JSE, for the second of a two-part series geared towards financial advisers – for a deep-dive dissection of ETFs and the benefits that can be derived from each.

An expert panel will un-pack the various ETF types and provide financial advisers with a firm understanding to make judicious comparisons in terms of structure, TER, and the underlying security options on which they rest.

Moderated by award-winning financial journalist Fifi Peters, you’ll hear from experts including…

  • Gareth Stobie, managing director at CoreShares
  • Maurice Madiba, managing director at Cloud Atlas Investing
  • Grant Locke, head of OUTvest
  • Thato Matsafu, head of primary markets at JSE

Date: Thursday, 16 September 2021
Time: 09h00 to 10h00

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